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  1. History of Sarnath Museum. Sarnath is one of the four most important Buddhist Pilgrimage centers. According to Mahaparinibbna Sutta, Buddha himself told his disciples to visit four places- Lumbini, BodhaGaya, Sarnath and Kusinagara which were connected with his birth, enlightenment, first preaching and decease (nirvana) respectively.
  2. Located on the Sarne, Sarnath of the Tall Towers is the seat of the High King of the Sarnori, who dwells in the fabled Palace With a Thousand Rooms. Built upon the edge of the River Sarne, Sarnath sits upon the road that travels from Qohor to the Steel Road that passes the Bone Mountains. Rathylar sits to west and the trading behemoth of Kasath to the east.
  3. Written by leading scholars in their respective fields, The Heritage of World Civilizationsoffers compelling and thorough coverage of the unique heritage of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, European and American civilizations while highlighting the role of the world's great religious and philosophical traditions.
  4. Sarnath - A holy Buddhist Pilgrimage site. Sarnath is a religious city which is located in the north east of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India and is respected and worshipped by every Buddhist followers of Lord reggae.chartgenie.netinfoh is one of the four most important pilgrimages in the world which is believed to be authorized by Gautama Buddha reggae.chartgenie.netinfo three most important pilgrimages are Lumbini.
  5. Recording information: Recorded & mixed in Jack Masters Production Studios, Pre-mastered in Headcase Studio, Co-produced by Sarnath.
  6. Dhamek Stupa (also spelled Dhamekh and Dhamekha, traced to Sanskrit version Dharmarajika Stupa, which can be translated as the Stupa of the reign of Dharma) is a massive stupa located at Sarnath, 13 km away from Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, reggae.chartgenie.netinfoation: Buddhism.

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